Here, and back again …

I’m feeling quintessentially “bay area” right now as I sit in a Starbucks (where I am exactly, I don’t really know), wondering what to do with my day, writing this post for you on my LinkedIn-provided Macbook Pro. Also feeling a bit lonely, though. I just dropped my family off at San Francisco International to catch their return flight to Canada.

Adios, Daddio!

It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks having them here with me at our temporary home in Palo Alto. As you probably have already read, we were fortunate enough to find a really nice little home in Los Gatos, California – which the kids have dubbed “Poppy Cottage” – because it’s situated on Poppy Lane, and looks and feels pretty cottage-y — “Country Rustic”, right mom?

Later on tonight, I’ll take a car load of things over there, but we don’t officially take possession until tomorrow morning. Between my luggage, various toys/books left behind by the family, some things we ordered online, and Mike’s loaner bike that I’m hanging on to until mine arrives from Canada, I can’t get everything down there in one trip, and I wasn’t looking forward to having to make the run from Palo Alto to Los Gatos twice early Sunday morning to make sure that I’m out of the temporary housing on time.

While it certainly hasn’t felt like home in any real sense, Palo Alto has been a great landing point.  The unit was clean, and spacious enough to handle the four of us for a while, but it really felt a lot like living in a hotel room this past month. Comfortable, but devoid of any of our personality.  At least when we make it to Poppy Cottage and our possessions from Waterloo arrive, we’ll have our art and those little things that actually help make your space feel like a true home.  Oh, and we’ll have our kitchen stuff!  While they made a valiant attempt at stocking the unit with the necessities of life, they clearly weren’t expecting people to do that much cooking in those corporate units!  And I must admit, I will miss the bike ride to the office through Shoreline Park.  While I may brave the ride from Los Gatos on occasion, it’s quite a haul to do with any regularity.

Breakfast at LinkedIn with the family on Friday before they head back to Waterloo

On the “back home” front, Miriam’s work situation is still a big question. Her mandated exit from Demeure has been, less than smooth … which has been, mentally, hard on everyone.  I expect attempting to come to some reasonable solution with them will consume a lot of thoughts and energy while she’s back home with the boys.  I will fly out and join them in Waterloo on August 8th for a stretch of about 5 days to help get the house emptied and our boxes prepared for the movers to load up and haul down here. It’s not ideal for me to have to return so soon, but as you know from previous posts, when I left Waterloo, it was not under the assumption that we’d have to have the house emptied and ready to rent for another full year yet – so I’ll be doing the mad scramble to take care of all that in record time before I have to return to duty in the bay. Fortunately, my manager and LinkedIn have been very understanding and accommodating with me given the circumstances.

Life in Los Gatos for the next month will be interesting.  I’ll be living like I’m camping, in our new Poppy Cottage … on an air mattress with virtually nothing else at the house, attempting to determine if that mythical time slot to leave by and avoid the parking lot that is Hywy 85 really does exist after all.  I’ll probably spend the rest of the weekend shopping around for a new TV (which is cheaper to re-buy here than ship from Canada) and a new BBQ for Poppy Cottage.  Guess I’ll have lots of time to be picky about features and pricing … what else am I going to do all weekend?

Until next time …

P.S.  For some reason, my mood today as I write this really reminded me of this Violet Archers song, so feel free to join me: