The story so far …

In my typically Canadian way, I will start off with an apology for not writing sooner.  My first few days down here in California have been very busy getting situated, and there has been a lot of training at work to get through.  But before I dig into that too much further, let’s take a quick step back and do a little catch-up.

Last week, a few days before I was scheduled to fly out to San Francisco International, Miriam came home from the office with some disappointing news.  She was given notice that her job with Demeure would be ending in September.  Although there were some signs that there may be “changes” coming, this one was a little unexpected, and it hit fast, and pretty hard.  What it practically means for us is an entirely new plan of attack re: California.

I will no longer be trucking through a year on my own out here, with constant visits back to Waterloo.  Without a job to hold her there, we have decided it makes the most sense to just bring everyone down this year.

So as I left my house this past Saturday, it was under the unfortunate circumstance of not having it emptied and organized for future renters in September, and knowing that I would be leaving Miriam with a lot of that organizational work on her own, while she keeps the boys entertained.

They will all fly down here for a few weeks on July 12th, where we hope to finally find and secure a home here in Silicon Valley.  Knowing where we’ll be living will help know what we need to pack and what we need to sell and store away, so that when we all return back to Waterloo in August, we can finish getting the house ready for some new temporary inhabitants (which, yes, is another little complication we need to sort out soon — know anyone looking to rent a really lovely home Uptown? :)

While this isn’t exactly going to be the smoothest transition to south of the border, in the long run, it really will be a lot better for all of us, because it means we get to be together here a lot sooner, and don’t have to put up with substandard video conferencing at inconvenient hours with each other due to work schedules and kids bedtime schedules.

Wish us luck.

P.S.  Seriously – we are looking to rent our house out for Sept 1st.  Prime Uptown location.  Great for a young family.  Get in touch if you know anyone.